Wild Card prints by Maya Erdelyi


Check out the award-winning animator and artist Maya Erdelyi’s new prints! This series widens the color spectrum and provides more variations.

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Maya Erdelyi is a collagist, cutting, sourcing, and colliding memories and imaginary realms into animations and 3D paper works. Her work combines various animation and visual processes: cut-paper, stop-motion, hand-drawn animation, collage, puppetry, printmaking, and experimental direct-on-film techniques within hybrid digital worlds. She often uses bold colors, patterns, and found paper textures. The final artworks exist as animated films, artifacts, collages, and installations. Through her own search for meaning in dreams, memories, and the nature of reality, her films, collages, and projects aim to create a space of wonder to contemplate life, death & magic.

This series of prints continues her style of utilizing bold colors and drawing inspiration from music and doodles.

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