webAffairs by Chantal Zakari


webAffairs is a documentation of navigation through erotic virtual space. But like most documentaries, the material has been electronically edited and graphically redesigned to dramatically communicate her story.

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webAffairs is an artist’s documentation of an adult video web community. The artist, Show-n-tell, tells her story of being a voyeur and eventually becoming part of this community through a series of images and actual chat text. Initially shy, she asks men to show her their rooms. She finds naked men by their computers in their office spaces, living rooms and bedrooms. She collects images of their naked bodies juxtaposed with their surrounding computer equipment.

Chantal Zakari is an artist, designer and educator; a Turkish-Levantine now residing in the Boston area. With her husband and studio partner Mike Mandel she has self-published several artist’s books under the imprint Eighteen Publications: The Turk & The Jew (1997), webAffairs (2005), Taxi Rides (2009), The State of Ata (2010), They Came to Baghdad (2012), and most recently Lockdown Archive (2015). Her work is represented in: Yale University Art of the Book Collection, Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Getty Research Institute Library, The Kinsey Institute Library, Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam and the Addison Gallery of American Art. Chantal has also had solo shows in Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles as well as Izmir and Ankara, Turkey. She has been invited to speak nationally and internationally in Canada, the Netherlands, U.K. and Turkey. She is currently a professor of the Practice at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston at Tufts University.

Chantal Zakari
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