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Visionary New England Edited by Sarah J. Montross


Connecting New England’s historical spiritualist and utopian traditions—from Brook Farm to Harvard’s LSD research—to work by contemporary artists with regional ties.

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Visionary New England bridges past and present, offering a new lens through which to understand contemporary art.

New England has a rich history of spiritual, mystical, and utopian strivers. Their visionary schemes range from nineteenth-century Transcendentalist experiments in communal living at Brook Farm and Fruitlands to the Harvard Project’s LSD research, led by Timothy Leary, in the mid-twentieth century. The search for alternative ways of life often overlapped with the search for the Divine or expanded modes of consciousness and creativity. Visionary New England, which accompanies an exhibition at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, connects these traditions to the work of ten contemporary artists with New England ties. Generously illustrated, with ninety color images, the book interweaves analysis and imagery of New England’s visionary traditions with reproductions of paintings, photographs, video, and installations by the artists.

Essays by
Sarah J. Montross, Richard Hardack, Lisa Crossman, Anna Craycroft

Gayleen Aiken, Caleb Charland, Anna Craycroft, Angela Dufresne, Sam Durant, Josephine Halvorson, Paul Laffoley, Candice Lin, Michael Madore, Kim Weston

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