Brett Angel “Fear Of Ghosts”


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About the Artist:

Brett Angell is a Boston-based artist who has lived on the East Coast for the last fifteen years. He received his MFA in Painting from the University of Wisconsin. While he started his career focusing on painting, Angell has dedicated the past few years to developing and innovating his approach to collage work. Angell has worked in art museums for his entire adult life and this special access to museum collections has influenced his body of work. In Little Windows, Angell creates surrealistic worlds contained within intricately reworked frames made from cigar boxes. In one example, Petite Storm (2022), the box is fitted with a hinged cover, which in itself is fitted with a small oval door. This multi-door format allows the viewer multiple experiences in which to view the Dutch Renaissance portrait concealed inside. Depicting a partial detail of a man’s face, Angell’s final intervention is the inclusion just below the right eye of a tear-drop shaped cut-out from a Delft Blue pattern. By opening these various portals into this interior space, the viewer is allowed a glimpse of a regal portrait sitter in an unexpected state of vulnerability.

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