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A pawsitively purrfect tour through modern art history! Introduce modern art meowsters with this set of magnets each inspired by an iconic style of art.

The Artsy Cats Magnets contain nine 1.5” square magnets including Clawed Monet, Henri Catisse, Frida Catlo, Vincat van Gogh, Yayoi Catsama, Paw Klee, Georges Seurcat, Wassily Catdinsky, and Piet Meowdrian.

Each one is ideal for holding paper, receipts, and notes – but they also look great on their own. Plus, they make an excellent gift for any occasion! They are a fantastic addition to refrigerators, school lockers, dry erase boards, car bumpers, or any magnetic surface. Each one of the funny cat magnets measures 1.5” x 1.5” and comes packaged as a flat sheet. They are ideal for ages 6 and up

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