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On view July 8, 2021 through August 8, 2021

Praise Shadows Art Gallery is thrilled to present the first solo exhibition in Boston by the New York-based artist Jon Burgerman. Internationally recognized for his vibrant, intuitive style, Eye Candy embodies the world of Burgerman’s characters through works in various media from drawing, painting, to three-dimensional collectible items and books. The exhibition opens on July 8 and closes on August 8.

Burgerman’s creations manifest themselves in amusement, often an effort to make him laugh or distract his thoughts from outside pressures. This became particularly heightened during the lockdown in 2020. “Art is my route of escape, not only from the world around me but the anxieties inside of me,” says the artist. “I wanted to create a joyful, colourful space for people to visit, that shares how I managed to cope with the lockdown by focusing my attention on play and creativity. Hopefully visitors will come away with some of that energy and feel creatively inspired themselves.”

His practice is focused on using creative play as a means of communication. Burgerman intuitively creates works, using shape, colour and expression, as if trying to solve a puzzle that has no obvious solution. The pieces eventually click and fit together in ways not always completely obvious. In many ways, these works are moments of self-reflection.

About the artist
Jon Burgerman (b. 1979, Birmingham UK) has been a practicing artist for over 20 years. His instantly recognisable art has been exhibited all over the world from DIY exhibition spaces to museums to even the White House. His works are held in the permanent collections of institutions including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

He creates work in a wide variety of media from ink, spray-paint, digital and animation. Online his gifs have been viewed over 8.5bn times and he has a dedicated following across social media. He has collaborated with brands including Apple, Samsung, Pepsi, Lotte, Snapchat, Instagram and Nike. He’s made vinyl collectable toys, picture books, apparel, fabric collections, inflatables, homeware, sportswear, underwear and many other things, including NFTs. Burgerman has had five sell-out collections on Nifty Gateway since April 2020 and continues to be a rising star in the burgeoning scene.

Expressing creativity and having fun is key to Burgerman’s practice. It’s his belief that simple creative acts can allow people to change not only their world but the world around them.